Waterfront Residential

Clausen Engineers has designed structures for more than 50 custom waterfront houses at Brickyard Cove in Point Richmond, CA. Projects range from piers, floats, boat hoists, deck additions, seismic upgrades, foundation reconstruction, and building additions.

Clausen Engineers is well recognized throughout the industry by both contractors and architects as providing superior construction documents and follow-up support during construction for waterfront residences. We are well versed in dealing with building departments and other government agencies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether the project calls for a complete structural package or only supporting calculations, we are dedicated to insuring that the owner receives a sound and economic design achieved through a smooth process.

Clausen Engineers has provided designs of waterfront homes and bayside improvements for dozens of residences in Marin County.

With Kers and Bert Clausen living over the Bay in Richmond, we have become well aware of the unique design requirements to make the bay accessible and to resist the corrosive environment caused by salt water attack. This has triggered an expertise that, perhaps, makes Clausen Engineers a leader in waterfront residential design in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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