Seismic Retrofit

Clausen Engineers provides structural expertise in the seismic evaluation and retrofit of existing buildings and structures. We have completed, and continue to complete, a significant number of seismic evaluations and retrofits of unreinforced masonry buildings, concrete tilt-up (CTU) buildings, and other rigid wall / flexible diaphragm (RWFD) buildings. We have pioneered the use of new performance-based hardware and systems for the retrofit of existing CTU and RWFD buildings. Staff members have been instrumental in establishing guidelines for the retrofit of CTU and RWFD buildings. Clausen Engineers has designed seismic retrofits for soft story buildings. Industry has required that many of these designs be budget driven, which Clausen Engineers has successfully responded to. Our philosophy is: Performance oriented retrofits, stronger buildings, safer lives. This philosophy has been, and continues to be, adopted by numerous other structural engineering firms throughout California.

Our focus has been on the seismic retrofit design of low-rise buildings. However, we have worked on high-rise buildings in downtown Oakland such as:

  • The Tribune Tower
  • Curtis Grant Building
  • Central Building
  • The St. Mark’s Apartments.

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