Hospitals & Schools

Clausen Engineers has completed structural design services for thousand of hospital and school projects in California and Washington. Services provided include structural design for building additions, remodeling, and equipment support design.

Clausen Engineers was the structural advisor for Kaiser Hospitals in the 1970’s and 1980’s, drafting structural guidelines and standard structural specifications. Clausen Enginers preformed peer review services for many new hospitals and medical office buildings. Clausen Engineers teamed up with Kaiser representatives to successfully modify the California Building Codes to allow voluntary seismic retrofit hospital projects.

Clausen Engineers has also designed major seismic retrofit projects for schools in the East Bay and San Francisco.

Clausen Engineers teamed up with Siemens to update mechanical systems on dozens of California Schools

Clausen Engineers provided structural design services for three school remodel projects on the “West end” of the Washington Olympic Peninsula. Clausen also provided a feasibility study to the Port Angeles School District to help determine whether to keep a school operational.

The City of San Leandro presented Clausen Engineers with a Planning and Design Award for Adaptive Reuse – Public Facility for Creekside Community Church in 2004.

Other Clients include:

  • Eden Hospitals
  • Children’s Hospital
  • ValleyCare Medical Center
  • San Joaquin County
  • Radcliffe Architects
  • Steve Perls Architect
  • Clallam School District
  • Expressions College
  • Los Gatos Meadows
  • San Francisco Public Schools
  • United States Navy
  • Several private schools

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