Food Procesing Design & Construction

Clausen Engineers is a recognized leader in the design and construction of food processing facilities, with a special emphasis on meat processing.  We have served the meat industry for 60 years by designing and following through with construction operations of nearly 400 meat plant projects.  As a member of the National Meat Association for 50 years, we are well acquainted with the special needs of this industry.  Our projects have included feasinbility studies, review of business plans,  processing plants, abattoirs, rendering plants, freezers, dehydration roome, loading docks,chill coolers, holding coolers, packaging rooms and shipping rooms.  Additionally, Clausen Engineers has provided construction management services for the food industry for over 30 years.  Our specialized knowledge of methods of construction, electrical and insulation systems, plumbing and drainage systems, refrigeration and other food processing equipment, rail support systems, utility support and material handling systems and the intricacies of an efficient food process plant leave Clausen Engineers as, perhaps, one op the most qualified designers and construction managers of meat processing plants in the Western United States.

Clausen Engineers has provided design services for:

  • Harris Ranch Beef
  • Swiss American Sausage
  • Gilroy Foods
  • Gentry Foods
  • Ziaran Meat Company
  • Supherb Farms
  • Engelhart Fine foods
  • Sierra Meat
  • Pacific Sun Industries
  • National Meat Association
  • North America Meat Association
  • City Meat
  • Alpine Packing
  • Mohawk Packing
  • Cottage Bakery
  • Evergood Sausage
  • Armanino Farms
  • Facciola Meat
  • Goodmark Food
  • Luce Meat
  • Torn Ranch
  • Yosemite Meat
  • Palama Meat
  • Shenson Meat
  • Schenk Packing
  • Carlton Farms
  • Geohring Meat
  • Valley Fine Food
  • Superior Packing
  • Le Fiell Company
  • Dozens of East Bay Bakeries
  • Prather Ranch
  • Sara Lee

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