Cold Storage Facilities

Clausen Engineers has provided cold storage warehouse and building design, including innovative detailing of insulation, walls, doors, ceilings and refrigeration systems.

Clausen Engineers has become a leader in the innovative design of insulation systems. Starting in the 1950’s, insulated wall systems were designed using cork as a medium. Clausen Engineers helped lead the transition to replace cork with fiberglass or expanded polystyrene and then to polyurethane materials for insulating material. In the 1970’s Clausen Engineers worked closely with Dow Chemical to develop the first insulated wall panels, using one of our projects in Idaho as a prototype project. Since then, the use of insulated wall panels has become an industry standard.

Clausen Engineers has designed refrigerated facilities throughout the Western States.

Clausen Engineers is trained to take the lead in refrigeration and pallet storage design in cold storage facilities.

Cold storage design has been completed for:

  • Dean’s Services, Oakland
  • Dreyers Grand Ice Cream, Many Locations
  • Facciola Food Distributors, Fremont
  • U.S. Cold Storage, Several Locations
  • Crocker Land, Brisbane
  • Many of our food processing clients.

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