Building Inspection

Clausen Engineers offers building review services to prospective purchasers, insurance companies, lending agencies and building owners. Living in a seismically active area, the most common request is for seismic review, but building inspections also include ADA audits, exiting, fire code review, structural review, and evaluation of building conditions.

Clausen Engineers provides residential inspections to our clients in California and Washington when structural impacts exceed the expertise of Termite Inspectors or general Home Inspectors. Our inspections aid our clients in the decision making process whether to purchase or to retrofit residences.

Clausen Engineers provided guidance to the California Fair Plan Insurance Company for 400 earthquake damaged structures after the Northridge earthquake. Clausen Engineers inspected hundreds of structures after the Loma Perieta earthquake for earthquake damage and possible seismic retrofits. Our clients include banks, insurance companies, realtors, and private individuals purchasing properties.

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