Building Elements

A great awareness for seismic bracing of building elements has resulted from recent earthquakes. There was more damage caused by failed ceilings, partitions, fixtures, fire sprinkler systems, piping systems and electrical equipment than there was by structural failures in most of these earthquakes. The engineering community has responded by setting numerous standards for seismic bracing of building elements. Clausen Engineers has accumulated seismic design criteria standards from many sources for many types of building elements.

Clausen Engineers has provided structural design services for many elevator companies shelving companies, and sign manufacturing companies. Clausen Engineers also provides structural design services for several steel fabricators.

Clausen Engineers has become an expert in building element design and offers audit and design services for seismic bracing of building elements.

Our clients include:

  • Advanced Office Systems
  • Metro Shelving
  • California Steel and Rail
  • National Metal Fabricators
  • Le Fiell Co.
  • Kings Valley Industries
  • Eandi Metal
  • Romak Iron
  • Bostram Bergen
  • Meddco metals
  • Marina Mechanical
  • Bakery Equipment Services
  • Federal Sign
  • Foster & Kleiser
  • Seneca Sign
  • Otis Elevator
  • National Elevator
  • Mitsubishi Elevator
  • Armour Elevator
  • Standard Elevator
  • Claremont Hotel

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