Walter Bert Clausen

W.B. Clausen, known to his friends and family as Bert, began his adult life flying B-24 bombers in the European Theater during World War II.  Once the war ended, Bert enrolled at UC Berkeley and graduated with a degree in Structural Engineering.  On May 5th, 1950, Bert founded WB Clausen Structural Engineers based out of an office in Oakland, CA.  Initially specializing in meat plant design, Clausen Engineers soon began collaborating with architects and designing residential and commercial projects around the East Bay.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, the company grew to a 10 man firm under Bert’s leadership.  It was around this time that Bert aligned with the top geotechnical engineers he met while at UC Berkeley and brainstormed a unique waterfront development in Point Richmond, CA.  This turned into a waterfront community that includes residences, marinas and commercial properties known as Brickyard Cove.  To this day, Bert still serves Clausen Engineers on a daily basis.

Kers Clausen

Kers Clausen joined Clausen Engineers in 1978 after working for C.S. Plumb Construction in Stockton for four years.  He obtained his Masters degree in construction management from UC Berkeley.  Kers developed Clausen Engineers’ construction management program and has since managed meat plant construction projects throughout the western states.  Kers became a registered structural engineer and evolved to manage Clausen Engineers.  Kers’ construction and design backgrounds provide “hands-on” building design and construction expertise that is invaluable to this industry.

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